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LE FACTEUR is building a digital house

Inspired by the Japanese movie "Hausu" (1977), where the protagonists enter a living house with objects that come alive and where the decor is filled with breathing textures, Tamara Gvozdenovic and Le Facteur have decided to build a digital house with different co-living characters. To do so, they have asked few dancers around the world to participate in the experiment by asking them to record themselves in a closed space of their choice embodying a character that they created personally.

Since the beginning of corona, social medias are filled with dancers moving in front of their screens expressing the need to be seen, to be watched and to perform in the unique way that is given to them: in their home. A scream for recognition that the cultural actors are putting out there waiting for theaters to open but facing constant closure and postponement.

The screen has become the new stage and the audience the new voyeur, watching from their homes through a digital window.

So Le Facteur, through its mission (because le facteur is the postman in french!) is delivering digitally to your home and proposing you to visit its house and the many characters that live in it.

You will be able to walk through different rooms and appreciate the show that the dancers have created for you. It is like a collection of living art pieces in a digital gallery. And a moment of sharing between their imagination and your eyes.

Sit comfortably and click here to visit Le Facteur's House. Enjoy!


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