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HAUSU - Visit through Le Facteur's house

This project aims to bring together different artists around the 70's Japanese film Hausu by Nobuhiko Obayashi. The idea is to create together a digital house filled with absurd and delirious characters. The visitor would then be invited to walk through the rooms as a voyeur to discover the multiple humans that are hiding there. 


Le Facteur invites dancers, performers and actors to join the project by expressing their interest at

They will receive a file with all the details and instructions for making their short film, as well as photographs, images, videos and music as inspiration.  

Discover the first character from the project, interpreted by Armande Sanseverino.


Concept : Tamara Gvozdenovic & Le Facteur

Interpretation and realisation : Armande Sanseverino

Music : Original Soundtrack from The Witch

Character : Sidonie

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