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Le Facteur was created in 2017. It was born from the inspirations of Tamara Gvozdenovic and Joanna Beulin, and the desire to bring artists and creators together around common artistic values and hybrid performance formats.

Based and working between Belgium, France and Switzerland, the two initiators express their desire to develop a structure that tries to adapt to the different proposals and formats of today's performance. Their common interests in dance, theater and experimental music connect them and make them reflect on the relationships between these different mediums. Several questions then arise about the place of the body, the sensory, the language or the matter in the themes they develop through their productions and their exchanges during the workshops they regularly offer.

Eager to share aesthetic and physical experiences with an ever-increasing number of people, characters and personalities, they form a collective. Le Facteur has to its side more than 20 artists from different backgrounds and disciplines and continues to grow through its travels and encounters. 

Photography : Laurent Bécot-Ruiz 

La Fayette Anticipations Paris

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