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In his solo journey, Le Facteur meets different people on its way and very naturally shares their steps. Little by little, a collective is formed where the artists' inspirations are exchanged, mixed and associated.  

Today, operating as a network of artists, it produces and distributes its works under the name "Le Facteur" but also supports the works of its associated artists. It is as much a carrier of projects as it is a creator, it delivers the creations that are entrusted to it and circulates its message as well as that of others.


The value of Le Facteur is a value of tradition and durability, built with the aim of longevity, memory and recognition. Its mission is to "Circulate in order to distribute" - in this sense, Le Facteur, while keeping its aestheticism and artistic line, does not stop at a kind of performance but wants to be versatile and reach a wide audience. It also aims to target both mainstream stages and young audiences, but it can also reach a more alternative genre or a performance in a variety of environments (museums and galleries, the world of nightlife, etc).


Le Facteur's productions, as well as those its supports, aim to bring worlds, discoveries and revelations to a wide audience. Dance, theatre, performance,... all these disciplines are as many influences and complements to the work of a collective that thrives on diversity. It is with this precise goal in mind that Le Facteur wishes to continue its travels and collaborations with different artists and creators, forming a perennial collective regularly proposing new original and complete creations. It also sets itself the challenge of maintaining a coherent style and personal identity, while combining influences and audiences on an ever-increasing scale.


Since 2019, Le Facteur also organizes dance workshops for professional dancers or dancers in the process of professionalization. Proud to be able to offer exceptional teachers (performers with Peeping Tom, Eastman / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan Company, Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, etc) and in view of the very good results and enthusiasm of the participants, Le Facteur has decided to continue this activity, which is an addition to the creative work of the collective.

Thus, dancers can regularly join Le Facteur's workshops in the French capital at the centre Micadanses in the charming Marais district. 

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