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From 13 to 17 February 2023

TAMARA GVOZDENOVIC (CH/BE) - founder of Le Facteur, dances for Peeping Tom and Tabea Martin, in parallel to her career as a choreographer and teacher. She joined the prestigious Octopus agency with her partner Kangding Ray - a renowned composer and dj - with whom she produces conceptual pieces of a retro-futuristic and utopian nature. With Unleash the Beasts, Tamara proposes a journey to the heart of the viscera, in a transformation of matter and of the way of moving in space. Electronic music serves as a vector and generator of energy, moving from repetition to trance, from primitivism to architecturalism. Tamara seizes the dancer's bodily attention in a palpable experience of time and space: past, present and future coexist, they carry the movement and the transformation.

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A cyber-retro concept piece by Tamara Gvozdenovic and Kangding Ray

Selected by Aerowaves Twenty 23

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